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Search Tips

If you’re having difficulty finding a particular bulb, try the following to help narrow results:
  1. If you have something like an "Ushio 36 volt 400 watt EVD projector bulb," try searching for only the 3-letter ANSI code "EVD." The 3-letter ANSI code is indexed across any manufacturer so that an EVD made by anyone would have the exact same specifications and would operate normally in a projector that requires an EVD bulb. Bulbster.com carries every ANSI-coded bulb, so all of them should be easy to find by simply typing those 3 letters into the search box.

  2. You can also try searching by the numerical ID known as the "ordering code," "SKU," "bar code," and so forth. For Ushio bulbs it is a 7-digit code that is usually formatted like this: "1000383" or "5001360" For Eiko bulbs, it is a 5-digit code that is usually formatted like this: "40698" although it can begin with zeroes or any number. Halco bulb codes are formatted like Ushio ones except that they usually have 6 digits. Bulbrite bulb codes are also generally 6 digits and usually begin with a 6.

  3. If the bulb is a halogen, try matching up its base to one of the pictures in our Halogen Light Bulbs category.

  4. If you’re not entirely sure what the bulb is that you are looking for, but it has an automotive application, you may be able to locate it with our brand new Automotive Bulb Finder.

  5. If you only know that, for example, the bulb is 120 volts and 600 watts, try formatting the search like this: "120v 600w" since most of the bulb listings abbreviate the voltage and wattage of a bulb with the letter. This would apply to the amperage as well if you have that instead of the wattage: "32V .16A" That would be a 32 volt bulb with .16 amps. Something to keep in mind as well is that you can figure out the wattage by multiplying the volts by the amps. In the above example, the wattage would be 5.12 watts (32 x .16).

  6. Another thing to keep in mind is that the voltage doesn't always need to line up perfectly for the bulb to work in your fixture. For example, if you have a 120v bulb and you find the perfect match of base type, wattage etc. except the voltage is 130v instead of 120v, it will still work (and actually it will last longer than the 120v version in most cases) but the catch is that it may be slightly more dim compared to the 120v version.

  7. Oftentimes the bulb itself will give you information that will help you find a replacement, but some bulbs have no writing on them at all, or they used to and it has since burned off. If this is the case, try checking the box or packaging the bulb came in if you still have it. There may also be something written or stamped onto the fixture that will tell you what kind of bulb it accepts. For example, a desk lamp may say, "Use only lamp type G-4, 12V, 20W maximum." This means that the bulb has a G4 base, is 12 volts and if you use more than a 20 watt bulb it may create too much heat and damage the fixture. If you were to search for this bulb, a good thing to type would be "12v 20w g4" into the search box and the correct bulb would be in the first few results.

  8. If all else fails, use the Contact form or give us a call at 888-323-2852 and we’ll be happy to help you track down any bulb.
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If you are in the United States, excluding Alaska and Hawaii, and don't need anything faster than Ground shipping, your shipping cost will be a flat rate of $8.95, no matter how many bulbs you order. If your order reaches $200, however, you will get free shipping. If you are not in the United States, or need expedited shipping, please call us for an estimate. We do not charge sales tax for any order.
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