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Home :: Mercury Vapor Light Bulbs :: Mogul E39 :: Eiko H39KB-175 15356

Eiko H39KB-175 15356



Bulb Discontinued

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Eiko 15356 H39KB-175

Eiko • H39KB-175 • 15356 • Eiko • 175 • E39 Mogul Screw • ED-28 • 8.31in/211.1mm • 6800 • 12000 • 20 • Mercury Vapor HID Lamps • 3.50in/89.0mm • ANSI Ballast: H39 • 7350
175W Clear Mercury Vapor E-28 Mogul Base
Light Bulb Name: Eiko H39KB-175 15356 Light Bulb
Manufactured by: Eiko Lighting
BaseE39 Mogul Screw
MOL (Max Overall Length)8.31in/211.1mm
Color Temperature (Degrees Kelvin)6800
Approximate Average Rated Lifetime (Hours)12000
 Mercury Vapor HID Lamps
MOD (Diameter)3.50in/89.0mm
BallastANSI Ballast: H39
Initial Lumens7350
Cross Reference (to the best of our knowledge; not guaranteed)
• HID/H175/E39/BT28 • S1936 SATCO
• 69770 EYE • H175 EYE
• H39KB/175W EIKO • HR175WED28/39
• H/39/22/KB • H39KB175W PHILIPS
• H39KB175 WIKO • HR/175W/ED28/39
• EK15356 • H-39-22-KB
• H39KB-175 WIKO • H39-22KB
• H 175 • 15356EK
• HID/MERCURY/H39/175W/E39/BT28/257 • 15356 WIKO
• H-175 • HR175WED28 39
• 69444 • H39KB175 EIKO
• H/175W/E39/BT28 • HR/175W/A39 GENERAL-ELECTRIC
• H39KB-175 SATCO • HR 175W ED28 39
• H/175W/E39/BT28/257 • HR-175W-ED28-39
• 31965-7 • MERCURY/H39/175W/E39/BT28/257
• HR175ED28/39 • H175 STANDARDPRO
• H39KB175 PHILIPS • HR/175/ED28/39
• H39/KB/175 • HR-175-ED28-39
• 045923019364 SATCO • H175W EYE
• 031293153562 EIKO • H39KB-175 INTERLIGHT
• H39KB175 SYLVANIA • H39/KB/175W
• HR 175 ED28 39 • HR175WED28-39
• H39KB-175 EIKO • H39 22KB
• H 39 22 KB • 14939 STANDARDPRO
• 69430 • H39KB-175 SYLVANIA
• H39/22KB • H39KB/175W WIKO
• H39KB/175W PHILIPS • H/175W EYE
Equipment (to the best of our knowledge; not guaranteed)
• ABR510 Microfilm
• Bell and Howell Company
• ABR-510 Microfilm
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